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Callum Wells

Callum Wells

Tasmanian born and bred. I enjoy chasing slabs or bowls across my small state. Competing in local comps is always fun, but i get more enjoyment out of surfing how i wanna surf and not worrying about crossing my legs perfectly. Shipsterns is a big part of bodyboarding in Tassie. I enjoy chasing solid swells down there and pushing my own limits. The future holds plenty of Overseas trips and hopefully plenty of slabs. Apart from that i like drinking tins and meeting other people that have the same interests as myself. Stay groovy.

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Rider Bio

Date of birth

Image Filmz, Dunes


Hobart, Tasmania

Home Break

Rebounds, South Arm

Favourite Wave

Daves Place

current board

Chris James, D12 core 41'


Image Filmz, Dunes